Quartz Crystal Microbalance Dew Point Hygrometer

Development updates


First official update of the instrument development. I am more in the software development, focusing on the user interface UART (com port) management. The QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) board will be transferred in the smaller version of an experimental setup very close to the final dew point sensor module. A first dew point manual tracking has been performed with very encouraging results. Thermo-electric power PCB module has not been completely tested but works very well without generating noise on the QCM. Next steps will focus on completing measurements from the external thermistor and for the optional pressure sensor. Up to now, frequency, temperature and QCM load are measure within needed specification. The controller board design is still in progress. I wait until I can get a full controlled dewpoint measurement before completing it. A lot of fun to come in the next months. 

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